A close-up view of our hand-painted Big 5 African Animal Chess Set. This unique safari chess set makes for the perfect chess board game.
African animal chess pieces including the elephant chess piece, rhino chess piece, buffalo chess piece, leopard chess piece and lion chess piece.
Our animal chess set captures the beauty of the African Big 5. It is beautifully crafted from polystone and hand-painted for that personal touch.
This high-quality African Chess Board is engraved with images depicting African animals and makes for the perfect animal board game.
Our African animal chess sets are packaged in durable boxes to ensure that your big 5 animal chess pieces figurines arrive safely.
Top view of our African Animal chess board which has been manufactured specifically to showcase our big 5 chess pieces.
Close-up view of the light-base African animal chess set. It includes the lion, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant and baboon as part of the theme.
Close-up view of the dark-base African animal chess set. The set includes the lion, cheetah, buffalo, rhino and baboon chess pieces.

Buy this beautiful African animal chess set from Amazing Africa Gifts featuring hand-painted animal chess pieces and an intricately designed chess board, which makes for the perfect gift. The animal chess pieces are crafted from polystone. This piece of animal art makes the perfect gift, piece of decor or collectable for all who love African wildlife. The set features the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) and baboon playing pieces.

The themed chess pieces consist of the big five animals of Africa and baboon busts with a dark and light base for opposing sides:

  • The king - lion
  • The queen - leopard
  • The knight - rhino
  • The Bishop - Buffalo
  • The rook/castle - elephant
  • The pawn - baboon

Amazing Africa Gifts crafting and material details

Both the set’s chess pieces and board frame are cast by hand in polystone (a unique mixture of crushed stone and resin) and painted by hand in incredible detail by our exceptionally talented team of South African artists using high-quality Winsor and Newton oil paints. The wooden chess board itself is also carved by hand, as are the moulds that are used for the chess pieces. The moulds for the pieces in the small set are exactly the same design as in the larger set and are made to scale using 3D printing. The pieces in the smaller set are also cast and painted by hand.

The board squares are hand carved from koto and cherry wood, and then treated in accordance with international import standards and requirements. The board is then set in its polystone frame which boasts a stunning African design.

Each set (board, pieces and frame) takes approximately nine (9) hours to be crafted from start to finish by our extremely skilled and talented artisans and craftspeople, with some time allocated during the process for the paint to dry.

Chess Set Sizes:

Tallest piece height

9 cm

Smallest piece height 6 cm

Chess piece base

3 cm

Chess Board 

46cm x 46cm x 3cm

Chess playing squares

5 cm x 5 cm

Packed size

47cm x 47cm x 10cm

Packed weight (including board)

5.8 kg


We take the utmost care in packing our gorgeous chess sets, such that they are delivered to you safely and in their entirety after the shipping process.

Every individual chess piece is set in their own box-dye cut foam holder, accompanied by extra foam top and bottom covers for the set as a whole. Additionally, the wooden board is wrapped in bubble wrap so that it can absorb any shock while in transit, without sustaining any damage.

The complete set is placed in a sturdy double-walled cardboard box which contains polystyrene packing peanuts which further protect the chess set during shipping. While we take the greatest care to ensure that the set gets to you in one piece, we know that accidents do happen – so, if any pieces arrived damaged, we will replace them entirely at no cost to you.


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