A close-up view of our hand-painted Big 5 African Animal Chess Set. This unique safari chess set makes for the perfect chess board game.
African animal chess pieces including the elephant chess piece, rhino chess piece, buffalo chess piece, leopard chess piece and lion chess piece.
Our animal chess set captures the beauty of the African Big 5. It is beautifully crafted from polystone and hand-painted for that personal touch.
This high-quality African Chess Board is engraved with images depicting African animals and makes for the perfect animal board game.
Our African animal chess sets are packaged in durable boxes to ensure that your big 5 animal chess pieces figurines arrive safely.
Top view of our African Animal chess board which has been manufactured specifically to showcase our big 5 chess pieces.
Close-up view of the light-base African animal chess set. It includes the lion, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant and baboon as part of the theme.
Close-up view of the dark-base African animal chess set. The set includes the lion, cheetah, buffalo, rhino and baboon chess pieces.

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Buy this beautiful African Animal Chess Set from Amazing Africa Gifts with hand-painted animal chess pieces and an intricately designed chess board as the perfect gift. The animal chess pieces are crafted from polystone. This piece of animal art makes the perfect chess gift or decor collectible for all who love African wildlife (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, and the Baboon chess pieces).

The themed chess pieces consist of the big five animals of Africa and baboon busts with a dark and light base for opposing sides:

  • The King - Lion
  • The Queen - Leopard
  • The Knight - Rhinoceros
  • The Bishop - Buffalo
  • The Rook/Castle - Elephant
  • The Pawn - Baboon

Amazing Africa Gifts Crafting and material details

The unique chess pieces and chess board frames are all crafted from polystone (crushed stone and resin) and hand-painted with beautiful detail by our African artists in South Africa.

The chess pieces and board of the large original design chess set were hand-carved by one of our artists. Limited life moulds are then created for hand casting of the chess pieces from polystone. The small set has had the pieces designed as exact scaled down versions using 3D printing and then the same hand cast moulding process followed by hand painting is applied.

The chess pieces and board frame are then hand painted by our team of South African artists using Windsor and Newton oil paints.

The wooden chess boards are treated to meet all international import requirements, with the playing squares being crafted out of koto and cherry wood for a beautiful finish. The boards are then framed with the hand cast and painted African design frames made out of polystone.

The full chess set takes approximately nine (9) hours for our craftspeople and artists to create with some time between for drying of the paint.

Options to suit your budget:

You have the option to choose between the following options to suit your budget:

  • Chess set size - large (original design) or small
  • Full chess set or chess pieces only excluding the board

We introduced the reduced chess pieces and the option to purchase the chess pieces without the board to give you the option of a more affordable gift. Most of our clients purchase the full-size large chess set including the board, it truly is a collector's item of the highest quality and durability.

Chess Set Sizes:

Large Chess Set


Small Chess Set


Tallest piece height

9 cm

5,3 cm

Smallest piece height 6 cm 4 cm

Chess piece base

3 cm

1.8 cm

Chess Board (if included)

46cm x 46cm x 3cm

29cm x 29cm x 3cm

Chess playing squares

5 cm x 5 cm

3 cm x 3 cm

Packed size (incl & excl board)

47cm x 47cm x 10cm

37cm x 37cm x 10cm

Packed weight (including board)

5.8 kg

2.7 kg

Packed weight (excluding board) 2.7 kg 0.8 kg


Our chess sets are packaged with the utmost care to ensure that they arrive safely with you after even the longest shipment.

Each chess piece is kept safe inside a box-dye cut foam holders with top and bottom cover foam for the set. The chess board itself is wrapped in bubble wrap packaging to absorb any bumps while in shipping.

The entire set is then placed in a double-walled sturdy cardboard box which is filled with polystyrene packaging pieces to further protect this valuable set while in transit.

Of course if after all this care is taken any of the pieces or the board ever do arrive damaged after shipment we will take 100% responsibility and replace any damaged pieces at no cost to you.

More about the Big Five African Wildlife 

The Big Five consists of the Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Buffalo and was first used by big game hunters who hunted in Africa. These five magnificent animals are often described as the five most difficult animals to hunt on foot in Africa, but more recently has become the term used for African safari tour operators and game lodges.

An interesting fact, South African banknotes (currency is the Rand) released in the 1990 and later notes, feature a different big 5 animal on each denomination.

The Big Five are not just found in Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia Zimbabwe), but can also be found in Angola, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Malawi.

Any visit to Africa must include a safari to witness these truly amazing animals, and then, of course, you can take home our Big Five range of gifts to keep that memory close to your heart!

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