Decorative hand-painted / decoupage Ostrich Eggs

At Amazing Africa Gifts, we offer a range of beautifully decorated Ostrich Eggs. These stunning hand-painted / decoupage Ostrich Eggs are manufactured from authentic Karoo Ostrich Eggs that have been sustainably sourced. The decoupage process strengthens the eggs to the extent that they can withstand up to 120kgs of vertical pressure. Our decorative eggs are then matched with a spectacular polystone base that is hand cast and then hand-painted to match the splendor of the painted eggs.

Hand-painted/ decoupage scenes

The decorative scenes on the eggs are meticulously designed and then painted or decoupaged to create a truly unique piece of African décor. Many of the scenes showcase the African big 5 which include the lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo, and the rhino.  Own this lovely piece of decorative African art today!