About Jayne Galassi Art

About Jayne Galassi, Artist, Illustrator and Writer

Jayne’s story

My early childhood was spent in Swaziland, a small African Kingdom that stirred the imagination with its raw African landscape and teaming wildlife. The gentle indigenous people were still steeped in tribal tradition, with princes and princesses and warriors dressed in leopard skins. I was left to wander our garden and beyond to the rocky fields and slopes of the hills behind us. I was a dreamer and lived largely in my own imagination. My first Published novel, ‘Ezulwini – Place of Heaven’ was set in Swaziland and largely autobiographical.

I began to draw at the age of 5, and never really stopped. Influenced by my formative years in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and the coasts of the Eastern Cape, my work has often been inspired by narrative landscapes, both serene and mysterious.

Drawing with graphite pencil is still my passion. But Art College and the study of Art History opened a world of art mediums to me, and over the years I learned the techniques of painting and sculpting. My talents led me into various commercial ventures over the years, interspersed with windows of my personal creativity. A move to Cape Town offered greater opportunities to paint from nature and walks in the forests and on the beaches led to various exhibitions. At the same time, I began to write. I had 2 novels published, ‘Ezulwini’ and ‘Cactus Letters’. I was still juggling my time between impressionistic realism and my imaginative work. I think I will always need to escape into those periods of mystical imagination that is still fed be childhood dreams.

One can never underestimate the study of nature in art – the colours, tones, light and shadow and the rhythms of shapes and texture. The stillness of a forest has a presence that opens the heart to discover a spiritual reverence for all of nature. Even the shadows seem to dance with an underlying vigour of colourful energy, though the overall effect is serenity.

My need to express myself in detail is in all my work. It’s a compulsion I know I share with many other artists across the world. But for me, it is not to enhance realism as such, but to create a universal stillness that exists within the subject whatever that may be.

Creative people must create. It becomes a source of bliss, that inspired perception and the giving of your authentic self in outward expression. But life does interrupt the flow of intention and responsibilities and misfortunes, drama and insecurities and large complicated families will inevitably change one’s circumstances. I have been fortunate to be creatively flexible and that’s when portraits of people and pets, commercial work and illustration have stood me in good stead. I have also enjoyed teaching art to children and Adults.

The inspiration behind Jayne’s African Wildlife Collection

A project involving the depiction of African Wildlife came my way, and being a child rooted in Africa, I gave a lot of thought as to how I would depict the wild and undeniable beauty of these beasts, at once savage and terrifying and utterly magnificent. I didn’t want to paint a postcard scene, but rather chose to engage the viewer with those penetrating eyes that seem to gaze deep into the soul. ‘ I am all that is Africa, the fierce and cruel beauty that is this continent’.

Already conscious of the near extinction and mindless slaughter of our wild animals in Africa and beyond, I had access to some wildlife sanctuaries near to where I live. An opportunity to study some of these creatures in their natural habitat was a delight beyond words. From the giant elephants to the furtive big cats, they all seem to move with unhurried dignity of royalty, until they show their predator or protective instincts.

If I can bring more awareness of our wild animals, whether through my paintings or children’s illustrations, I will have accomplished a small margin of success in the world.

And if I can continue to create art in its varied forms, I am blessed indeed.

Jayne Galassi

Partnership with Amazing Africa Gifts

Amazing Africa Gifts is working with Jayne to make her artworks available to all, not just those who can afford her limited amount of original artworks.

We are working with Fine Art America, the largest printing and fulfillment operation in the world for art and photography. Fine Art America ensures that all art prints, home decor, and gifts that are designed from Jayne’s beautiful artworks are produced at the highest quality and shipped timeously from 15 different printing and distribution centers globally.

Jayne has a range of other art collections that we will be working with her on bringing inspiration shared to the world on her soon to be launched website www.jaynegalassi.com.

For all wholesale inquiries and customers, Jayne will be selling through Gala Star CC and for South African retail clients who look to purchase wholesale, we will be sourcing South African printing manufacturing to align with our goals of uplifting South African communities and individuals.

The team at Amazing Africa Gifts are in love with Jayne’s beautiful creations and look forward to bringing them to your homes around the world with the great service we expect from ourselves and our partners at Fine Art America.

Contacts and wholesale opportunities:

Amazing Africa is the official online retail site and partner for Jayne Galassi Art.

For any inquiries please email info@amazingafrica.online