African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game
African Animals Checkers / Draughts Board Game

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This beautifully made checkers (draughts) board game is a true piece of African animal art brought to you by Amazing Africa Gifts. Each checker disc is made from Polystone with a beautifully designed wildlife impression, all hand painted. The board is made from kiaat and koto woods with a detailed designer frame made from polystone and painted by South African artists.

The Animal Themed Checkers Discs are initially designed by hand, then crafter into limited molds for crafting out of crushed marble stone and resin (Polystone).

The checkers game discs contain detailed artistic impressions of:

  • Lion
  • Cheetah
  • Buffalo
  • Rhino
  • Elephant
  • Zebra

Amazing Africa Gifts crafting details

The unique checkers discs and board frames are all crafted from polystone (crushed stone and resin) and hand-painted with beautiful detail by our African artists in South Africa.

The discs and board of this beautiful set were hand-carved by one of our artists. Limited life moulds are then created for hand casting of the chess pieces from polystone. The discs and board frame are then hand painted by our team of South African artists using Windsor and Newton oil paints.

The wooden checkers board is treated to meet all international import requirements, with the playing squares being crafted out of koto and cherry wood for a beautiful finish. The boards are then framed with the hand cast and painted African design frames made out of polystone.

The full draughts set takes approximately six (6) hours for our craftspeople and artists to create with some time between for drying of the paint.

Checkers / Draughts Set Sizes:

Draughts Set


Playing disc height

0.9 cm

Playing disc diameter base

3.8 cm

Board size

37cm x 37cm x 3cm

Board playing squares

4 cm x 4 cm

Packed size (incl & excl board)

47cm x 47cm x 10cm

Packed weight (including board)

3 kg


Our checkers (draught) sets is packaged with the utmost care to ensure that it will arrive safely with you after even the longest shipment.

The board is wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid damage while in transit, and placed along with the discs in a double walled cardboard box that is filled with polystyrene packaging fillers. The playing discs are placed in small packets within this box to limit the movement of the individual pieces.

Of course if after all this care is taken any of the pieces or the board ever do arrive damaged after shipment we will take 100% responsibility and replace any damaged pieces at no cost to you.

Production and Shipping details

All the Kumbula iAfrica collection products by Gala Star are hand cast and hand painted and therefore take some time to produce.

From the time your order is placed the production and packaging can take up to 4 working days. Shipping around the world is expected to take anywhere up to 12 working days from completed production giving maximum total delivery time from your order as 16 working days.

We do aim for a total time of 8 to 10 days to the USA, UK, and Europe but please be patient... South Africa is quite far away!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs for this set to the USA, UK, and Europe from South Africa vary, but we want to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for so we charge a fixed shipping fee for these regions. For the rest of the world, we charge a slightly higher fee as shipping costs are higher outside of these regions.

  • United States of America / United Kingdom / Europe: $195
  • South Africa: $30
  • Rest of world: $220

VAT, Taxes and Customs duty

Please note for all our customers outside of South Africa, we do not calculate sales tax, VAT, import or customs duties and these may be due upon the product arriving at your customs office. From our experience, this may be in the region of 20% to 40% of the product value but we will always work with our shippers to ensure that the most efficient process is followed to reduce this amount where possible.

For our South African customers, please note that all prices including shipping are quoted excluding VAT and that VAT of 15% will be added to the price at checkout. Gala Star is a registered VAT vendor in South Africa. 

    Interesting information about Checkers

    The oldest found evidence of Checkers (also called draughts) uncovered by archeologists at an ancient city called Ur (in present-day Iraq) can be carbon dated to around 3 000 BC, making checkers older than even chess!

    The modern day version of checkers developed around the 12th century when a Frenchman started playing a game called “Fierges” (or “Ferses”) on a chess board with discs. The game then spread to England and the America’s. There are a variety of boards in the modern day game with 64 spaces, 100 spaces, and some boards having as many as 144 spaces.

    Checkers is a great game for promoting and training in thought and logic, and all the while with players having some fun playing.

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