Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal
Morabaraba Tribal

Our Morabaraba African Tribal themed board game is beautifully crafted and hand painted with African tribal warrior pieces and a unique board framed with African design. Morabaraba is a brilliant yet simple strategy game for all ages. Morabaraba is also known as “Umlabalaba” in Africa, and is similar to “twelve men’s morris” which in turn is a variation on the Roman board game “nine men’s morris”.

This beautiful board game is a true collector's piece, capturing the vibrancy of African culture and its ethnic people.

Morabaraba Tribal set details

  • 2 x 12 (24 in total) pieces in tribal dress (red / yellow and blue / yellow)
  • Crafted from highly durable Polystone (ground stone and resin)
  • Hand-painted with Windsor & Newton Oil & Acrylic Paints
  • Packed size: 310 x 310 x 80 mm
  • Packed weight: 2.71kg

Great care is taken in our packaging to ensure safe delivery from South Africa to the world.

More about the game of Morabaraba

Morabaraba is a traditional two-player strategy game played mostly in Southern Africa, and the moving pieces are commonly referred to as “cows” due to the game being particularly popular amongst youth who herd cattle.

Morabaraba, a brilliant yet simple strategy games for all ages. It was traditionally taught to shepherd boys and young warriors in order to increase mental skill and strategy when out in the field or on the battlefront. This is an excellent educational tool as well as being an addictive and fun board game from Africa, enjoyed now throughout the world.

This game has many names within the diverse African language landscape including mlabalaba, mmela (in Setswana), muravava and umlabalaba.

This game is similar to twelve men’s morris in design which is a variation on the Roman board game nine men’s morris. The “morris” game has multiple variants in different parts of the world including char bhar in India, shisimia in Kenya, shax in Somalia and tsoro yemutwelve in Zimbabwe.

Morabaraba boards or variants thereof have been found carved in rock and dated back to over 800 years old. Not as well known as Chess or Checkers, this is a game that is growing in popularity again with Africa becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and the culture is as fascinating as the history of this beautiful region of the world.


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