About Us - We bring African curios and gifts to the world

Africa is a wondrous place that captures the heart and imagination of all who visit it! The African culture, its people, and of course its wildlife and nature are unlike anywhere else in the world. Its diverse art and curio creations are highly sought after globally.

Amazing Africa Gifts exists to be the link between the lovers of Africa and the Africans who create these beautiful gifts, art and decor… not an easy role to fill but we are on a mission to create the opportunities for African inspiration and craftsmanship to be shared with the world. If you love Africa, this is the space for you to find the perfect gift, curio, decor or artwork to help raise up the African artists and their communities.

Our Beliefs and Values

We keep our beliefs simple, they are about people - you, our customers and our suppliers and partners. We thought we would share them with you:

  • We believe great customer service is key to our success
  • We believe in inspiration shared
  • We believe in openness and honesty in our relationships and communication
  • We believe we can be better today than we were yesterday for our customers and our teams

Our people

We are constantly working on improving our service and streamlining our shipping, because our customers deserve not only the highest quality and beautiful products, but also amazing service!

Richard Starkey: Co-Founder and the finance guy

Richard has been involved in the African Gift & Curio market since he was 17. He worked for Carol in Gala Star on and off over the years. Richard has a passion for small business and job creation, combined with a love of travel and different cultures. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a bit of a serial entrepreneur. Richard co-founded Amazing Africa Gifts after more than a decade of working on how to bring the beautiful Gala Star products to the rest of the world, and now is on a mission to partner with the sustainable African Curio Market producers and artists to grow their global market and create a sustainable income for the craftsmen and artists that create such beautiful work.

Shaun De Greeff: Co-Founder and the marketing guy

Shaun is the founder and managing director of Optic Blaze Media and has been working with Richard on startups and now established businesses since 2014. Shaun is passionate about telling the story of a business. Shaun has an amazing team of dedicated web designers, copywriters and photographers and online marketer in his team, without them AmazingAfrica.online would not be possible.

Legal and entity details

Amazing Africa Gifts is a brand name of TradeNexo LLC, incorporated in Wyoming in the USA with all our banking and payments done in the USA with USA banks and payment portals.

TradeNexo LLC has the sole right for online distribution of the Gala Star products and maintains a distribution warehouse in Washington for our USA clients and from which we ship to the ret of the world. For some orders where the shipping is more efficient or where items are out of stock we ship directly from the Kumbula Mouldings in South Africa.